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2013 Anniversary

The reunion

The occasion: a Dardel half-millennium

The Association Jehan Dardel has celebrated in August 2013 the concession of the mills in Saint-Blaise granted to our ancestor Jehan Dardel on 8 June 1513. A family reunion took place from Friday, 23 August 2013 in the afternoon to Sunday, 25 August after lunch.

We have met many descendants of Jehan, as we did in 1999 in Saint-Blaise and Marin.

The meeting was intended to create encounters and exchanges in an entertaining way. It provided opportunities for the family members to know each other, to discover their family history, to learn about their roots, and to create desire to meet again.

The reunion took place at the Centre de La Rouvraie in Bevaix, near Neuchâtel (20 km). The beautiful site is bordering a large forest and overviewing the Lake of Neuchâtel.

The detailed programme as a PDF file (in French).

Finale Pictures of the event

Many pictures have been posted on this site. Others may follow. For the time being, you can see:

You will have to note that all the legends of the photos are in French.

The main authors of the pictures illustrating these pages are : Marie Dupuy, Sylvain Dardel, Caroline Burnand, François de Dardel, Laurent Dardel and Cyrille Gueissaz.

If you have taken good photos, send them to us (see the yellow envelop at the bottom).

Pain Sharing the bread

As an homage to Jehan Dardel the miller, our celebration was opened with a presentation by the master baker Thomas Marie who talked about the history of bread since Egyptian antiquity, and offered an — edible — exhibition of breads, flours and yeasts specially prepared for our event at the "École Hôtelière" of Lausanne.

See the corresponding photographs.

Jeu The family game

Twenty questions prepared by Laurent Dardel kept the participants busy all Saturday. The answers were unveiled during dinner.

The introduction to the game, its questions and answers are in this file in PDF format.

See the corresponding photographs.

Atelier Creative workshops

On Saturday 24 August several workshops were proposed to the participants. The common theme was "A day of Jehan Dardel in 1513". The production of these workshops was presented after dinner.

Five workshops gave everybody the opportunity to express their imagination in the following areas:

  • Painting (see the images)
  • Writing (see the produced text)
  • Theater (see the casting, scenario and images)
  • Accessories and costumes (see theater)
  • Music (see the words and the music)
Jeu The genealogy Introduction

The Dardel genealogy, initially based on the works of Jean-Paul, has been continuously updated for more than 10 years — thanks to the input of you all — and was one of the main attractions of the celebration.

Seven separate family trees were shown in the barn, and the biggest of them were 8 m long. Click the right-hand image to see the details in a new window.

This genealogy is available on the internet. We have received a dozen of updates since the family reunion, and hope to see more...

The coats of arms of the Dardel and allied families were also part of the exhibition. You can find them individually in the page "blasons" of this site.

See also the photos taken during the meeting around genealogy and family crests.

Rémy Scheurer
Jean-Pierre Jelmini
Jean-Jacques de Dardel

Three exciting conferences about the origins of the Dardel family and history were presented on Saturday:

  • Rémy Scheurer talked about the origin and variation of our name and the settling of Jehan in Saint-Blaise. The text of this conference is available in French or English (PDF).
  • Jean-Pierre Jelmini described the rôle of all important people in the administration of the municipalities and the principality and republic of Neuchâtel.
  • Jean-Jacques de Dardel, after summarising in English the first two presentations, talked — still in English — about the modesty of Swiss people and on the statute of several members of the family. Jean-Jacques' speech is available as a PDF.
Promenade Sunday walk in Saint-Blaise

On Sunday morning, 95 of us met near the top of the village for a walk down the Ruau, a raging small torrent that goes through Saint-Blaise and was the motor of Jehan Dardel's mills. This "walk of the twelve fountains" was led by Claude Zweiacker and his assistants Pierre Aeschlimann, Evelyne and François Beljean, Serge Mamie, and Marie-Françoise Zweiacker.

In several stations along the Ruau, they gave us historical explanations regarding the operation of the mills and fountains. The walk ended at the "Millennium Fountain" where a group photo was taken, followed by a drink generously offered by the municipality.

See the corresponding photos.

Boutique Boutique

Several items were proposed at the welcome desk. You can still order:

T-shirt AJDCD 2013
  • The T-shirt of the event (20 CHF — 16 €)
  • The CD of the celebration (10 CHF — 8 €)
Click to enlarge.

To order, send a message to the usual contact.

Documents Contribute yourself!

You can participate actively to the success of this event by sending us documents and photos of historical or artistic value, which we will use in other pages. Pictures of the family reunion, but also photos and documents of your ancestors for use in the genealogy and family pages.

See here for recommendations regarding photos and documents.

Saint-Blaise Sidelines of the festival

Here a few images and maps of Saint-Blaise and Neuchâtel.

The music you are hearing if you clicked on the "Music" icon at the top of this page is
the song "Allons danser sous les ormeaux", from the opera "Le Devin de village", by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

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