Dardel 2013

Messages sent by e-mail to known addresses of the Dardel family and relatives

July 2013

General message number 11

Subject: more details on the programme of the August celebration

Dear cousins, parents and friends,

As promised, you will find on the AJD site new details on the programme of the meeting. Between the animation around the bread on Friday evening, historical conferences around two Dardel, presented by leading academics, a folk moment, the fun activities and dancing on Saturday night and then a guided tour of St. Blaise on Sunday morning, there will be something for everyone.Make sure to visit the web page! The beautiful site of the Rouvraie will also provide space for other recreational activities that will be organised on request.

We hope this information will encourage late and hesitant cousins to join at the earliest. Talk to them! The link to register is: To reach it, you need to be already registered on the site. If you're not, you must "create a new account".

The meeting is an opportunity to delve into our genealogy, which we want, thanks to you, to be as complete and accurate as possible. To make sure everything is up to date by theend of August, visit: to verify and complete the data. The deadline for the update is August 4th!

We will also send in a couple of days to all registered persons a facsimile of the badges distributed at the Rouvraie to check that names are properly spelled and language skills accurate.

With our warmest regards.

The Organisation Committee

June 2013

General message number 10

Subject: The 2013 celebration: Zoom on activities and animations!

Dear cousins, parents and friends,

The course of the event is getting clearer. A full range of animations, from self-service entertaining activities to historical conferences will be offered. On Friday and Saturday they will take place in the splendid site of La Rouvraie, and on Sunday an excursion to Saint-Blaise is planned.

The complete programme is continuously updated on our web site ( and shows a comprehensive list of activities, which may still be amended and augmented according to the progress of our preparations. You will hear more within two to three weeks.

Don't hesitate to forward this information to your (close or distant) family circle, as we have not yet reached the level of participants we expect to fulfill all our objectives.

Any comment, suggestion or idea is welcome: you can post these in the association's forum.

We count on you to make this event an unforgettable one, and we send you our warmest regards.

The Organisation Committee

April 2013

General message number 9

Subject: The preparation of the event is at full speed

Dear cousins, parents and friends,

We (the AJD committee – Association Jehan Dardel) have visited again at Easter the La Rouvraie site, south of Neuchâtel, where the Dardel celebration will take place between August 23 and 25. We are increasingly certain that this will be an important moment of reunion. To help us with the organisation, please register without delay! The registration form is:

If you wish to spend the two nights on site, please be informed that the individual rooms are now all books, but there are beautiful dormitories (with 4 to 20 beds) ready to welcome you. Don't wait to book!

The site, with a splendid view on the Lake of Neuchâtel — and on the distant Alps when the weather is clear — offers many choices of animations, exhibitions and meetings, that we are now preparing for you to enjoy.

Here you can also help us by visiting the AJD website and contributing in the forum to share with us your ideas and suggestions:

See you soon!

The Committee

February 2013

General message number 8

Subject: Registration (family reunion and accommodation)

Dear cousins, parents and friends,

We have already received several bookings for the forthcoming reunion. Should you wish to be accommodated at La Rouvraie, no not wait too long!

There is high demand for the rooms with 2 and 3 beds, so we also booked a few more rooms in a neighbouring site at Vaumarcus (10 km). However, accommodation in dormitories (with 4 to 20 beds per room) at La Rouvraie is still available. You will find the details on our web site: under "Accommodation".

Please register using our online form: neither La Rouvraie, nor Vaumarcus will accept direct registrations.

Should you wish to find your own individual accommodation in the Neuchâtel area, you can use the internet, for instance the site of the Neuchâtel tourist office at:
(tab: Accommodation).

We are looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you in August, and remain,

With our warmest regards.

The Organisation committee

January 2013

General message number 7

Subject: Only seven months left!

Dear cousins, parents and friends,

Seven months, almost tomorrow!

Perhaps is it not yet entirely clear to you that the next Dardel family reunion will take place from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 August 2013 at La Rouvraie, near Neuchâtel (Switzerland)?

A summary of this celebration is already posted on our website ( with many pieces of useful information. The site will be regularly updated as and when the preparation of the meeting progresses.

You can also read there an appeal for collaboration of all those who can — already now — consider to help us with the preparation and execution of the many organisational aspects of the meeting.

With our warmest regards.

For the Organisation committee
Renaud Dardel

November 2012

General message number 6

Subject: 2013 Celebration

Dear cousins, parents and friends,

In our previous messages, you have learnt that we are preparing for the summer of 2013 a big family reunion with the descendants of Jehan Dardel the miller, who obtained in 1513 the concession of the watermills in Saint-Blaise.

Continuing upon the 1999 meeting in Saint-Blaise, we conceived the anniversary of this major event in our family history to create in an entertaining way encounters and exchanges between the participants. Those will be invited to explore their origins.

Date and location of the event

We have booked the Centre de La Rouvraie in Bellevue sur Bevaix, a village close to Neuchâtel (15 km) and Saint-Blaise (20 km), between Friday, 23th August and Sunday, 25th August 2013. This magnificent site is backed by a vast forest and can accommodate several hundred people, with lodging facilities for a large part of them.

General programme

Friday, 23 August: registration starting at 14:00 (2 pm) opening of the meeting in the late afternoon and evening, on-site dinner.

Saturday, 24 August: in the morning and afternoon, entertaining sport, cultural and artistic activities, lunch and dinner on site, festivities in the evening.

Sunday, 25 August: we will move to Saint-Blaise and visit the sites of the ancient watermills. Lunch at La Rouvraie and ending of the reunion.

Attractive animations will be proposed to the participant throughout the meeting.

Price of the participation (in Swiss Francs)

The following fees will be asked:

The Anniversary Card includes all 4 meals, all drinks and access to all activities.


The La Rouvraie site offers vast accommodation facilities, in two-bed or three-bed rooms, or in dormitories. As we booked the entire site, we have been able to get competitive prices and we recommend that you should take advantage of these.

Other types of accommodation with similar prices are available in nearby villages, or in hotels.

Information and registration

You will find on the site of the Association Jehan Dardel (AJD) at additional information about the organisation and programme of the meeting, about accommodation, as well as a registration form.

As the number of participants is limited by the capacity of the site, we invite you to register before 28 February 2013.

We also beg you to inform personally all your relatives who do not have internet access. If you cannot register them yourself, please give us their telephone and street address details. Send these to .

We count on you to register soon, and send you, dear cousins, relatives and friends, our warmest regards.

The Organisation Committee

October 2012

Message number 5 (genealogy)

Object: Family and genealogy data, documents and pictures

Dear parents, cousins and friends,

You certainly know that the Dardel genealogy is available on the internet at:

Considerable work has been initiated by Jean-Paul Dardel and published in his book "La Famille Dardel, issue de Jehan, meunier en 1513 à Saint-Blaise". The corresponding data, compiled and partially completed, are available on the above site. To make sure that this undertaking is kept alive, we are looking for recent — or old — family information about all members of the family.

We would thus be particularly happy to receive from you any additions, corrections and comments regarding your close relatives. A form is available in four languages together with practical recommendations at

You can check on the genealogy site whether the information about your own family is correct and possibly send us corrections and additions (births, weddings, deaths). Several of you have done that already, and we are very grateful to them.

To illustrate the genealogy pages and the "Famille Dardel" web site ( we would also like to receive from you photographs, documents and comments about your close relatives, especially those of past generations. If you have in your photo albums or in a drawer photos of your grand parents or earlier ancestors, please scan them and send them to us at You can also send documents and prints to the "contact" address shown at the bottom of the genealogy starting page.

It is imperative that your updates and documents reach us no later than March 2013 to be used during the family reunion in August.

Finally, a special page was created a few months ago with the coats of arms of the Dardel and allied families:
( You can check there if the coat of arms of your family, your mother or grand mother are correct, and propose corrections or additions.

Many thanks in advance for your efforts; they will strengthen the family ties even further. With all our very best wishes.

The Genealogy Committee.

General Message number 4

July 2012

Object : Big family reunion in 2013

La Rouvraie

Dear parents, cousins and friends,

You have already been informed, through previous general messages, about the planning of our 2013 Dardel Family Reunion.

The main objective is to strengthen and revive our family relationships, taking the opportunity of the 500th anniversary of the concessions granted in 1513 to the miller Jehan Dardel, our ancestor, for the mills of Saint-Blaise.

The organisation committee is working and have already secured a date and a location .

Location: La Rouvraie in the village of Bevaix, 10 km away from Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

Date: from Friday, 23rd August in the afternoon, to Sunday, 25th August 2013 after lunch.

More details will be coming in September.

With all our very best wishes.

The Organising Committee

Neuchâtel, January 2012

General message N° 3

Subject : Jehan Dardel Association

Message sent by email to the known addresses of the Dardel family members and allies and by paper copy to some others

Dear cousins, parents and friends,

First of all, our warmest thanks to all of you who answered our first two general messages and sent us data with very useful information for our files. If by chance you have not done it yet, it is never too late!

We are pleased to inform you of the constitution of the "Association Jehan Dardel" (AJD). In a meeting at Philippe Dardel's house in Boningal, Moissac (Tarn-et-Garonne, France), we signed on the 13th of November 2011 the founding documents of this association. It is subject to Swiss law and its headquarters are in Neuchâtel.

You will find thereafter the 3 main dispositions of the AJD statuses (which you can read in their entirety at - French version only, sorry for this):

Article 2: Aim
The aim of the Association is to develop the links between the descendants of Jehan Dardel, miller, who operated the Saint-Blaise mills as per a concession granted in 1513.

Article 3: Activities

The association looks after the family culture and takes care of updating the Jehan Dardel genealogy.

It supports research related to family history and gathers all data with literature or iconographic significance.

It aims at inventorying and grouping the family archives which are deposited in one or more official instances. It inventories the

ungrouped archives.

It maintains communication between family members by all useful means.

It organises family members meetings.

It supports all contacts with the holders of the name "Dardel" not descendants of Jehan Dardel.

Article 4: Members

Can be a member of the Association:

The Association has created a committee with the following members (references from the book by Jean-Paul Dardel, 2nd issue): It nominated Jean-Paul Dardel as honorary president. Jean-Paul is the author of the family book and was not able to be with us when the Association was created. His work is at the origin of our first family meetings in Boningal en 1995 and in Saint-Blaise in 1999.

The Association Jehan Dardel is now the organisational structure for our work and exchanges. Its next messages (including other surprises!) will be signed either by its committee or by one of the four existing working groups.

We would consider that the recipients of this message are members of the AJD by default unless they let us know they do not wish to.

Our association wants to be open. It aspires to last. Let it live!

We take the present opportunity to send you our best wishes for the year which has just started. And we add our warmest greetings.

Amiod, Philippe, Laurent, Louise, François. Renaud and Sylvain

Neuchâtel, Paris and Toulouse, November 2011

General message N° 2

Subject : family network

Message sent by email to the known addresses of the Dardel family members and allies and by paper copy to some others

Dear cousins, parents and friends,

First of all a big thanks to all of you who answered our first message and greeted enthusiatically the idea of a Dardel meeting in 2013.

Since September, our small group moved forward, got bigger and a bit better organised. We will send you before the end of the year more detailed information on all this.

Preparing the 2013 meeting and building other projects (as we have some more) cannot be done without implementing and developing a communication network so we can share data between the members of the family.

To improve this network still full of big gaps we would like to ask again those who had no time to do it yet to provide us with their postal address and their telephone number as well as similar information with even an email address for their close ones not yet reached by these messages.

At the bottom of this page you have a form which should help you to answer. If data on more than one person just use as many forms as you need.

We feel extremely happy to get more news from you.

And already thinking about our next messages we conclude for today with a "See you so soon! " sounding very Swiss to which we add our warmest wishes.

Amiod, François and Laurent

Answer-Form (to be sent by email to

Name, (maiden name), first names, alliance :
Birth date, filiation :
email adress :
postal address, telephone number :
Person filling the form, date :

These data are exclusively for the Dardel family information network

Neuchâtel, Paris and Toulouse, September 2011

General message N° 1

Subject: Dardel family, projected meeting in 2013

e-mail to known addresses of the Dardel family and relatives

Dear cousins, parents and friends,

Many of you will remember the great Dardel meeting at the end of July 1999 in Saint-Blaise and Marin.

Time is flying and we get very close to a symbolic moment : the 500th anniversary of the concessions granted in 1513 to the miller Jehan Dardel, our ancestor, for the mills of Saint-Blaise.

With the idea of celebrating this event (in a way and a place still to be defined) we met, Laurent, son of Jean-Paul, the author of the family book, François, the author of the Dardel internet sites and genealogie Dardel) and Amiod who presided the 1999 meeting, with the full support of Jean-Paul in Hendaye and Philippe in Moissac, to see how we could restart the "links of the blood".

Projects are being build, with objectives of updating and keeping up to date the family genealogy, to group the archives of the family, to create a network of information and communication, and last (but not least!) to set up a family meeting in 2013.

With so much to do people mentioned so far cannot perform all the work on their own and we are therefore looking for people interested either in participating in one (or more!) of the working groups or in creating or leading some activity. Genealogists, archives lovers, computers gurus are welcome indeed as much as anybody else with some expertise, the more important one being a strong good will! We do hope a lot of positive answers.

If you could as well provide us with your postal address, your phone number(s) and any change on your family status if different from what is written in the book by Jean-Paul (2nd issue, 2003) or from the genealogy web site, that would be great.

And do not hesitate as well to give us some contact information for your close ones who may not have received this message.

With many thanks for your strong support.

More communication will follow.

Please receive, dear cousins, parents and friends, our warmest wishes.

Amiod, Laurent and François