A series of small pictures of most of the participants to the August 2013 celebration near Neuchâtel.

The images are of various quality, as they were extracted from pictures taken by different photographers. If you have better ones, please send them to us; and if you find mistakes, be so kind to send us corrections.

All these persons (except three) are included in the Dardel genealogy.

You can sort the pictures

  1. By name (par nom)
  2. By surname (par prénom)
  3. By age (par âge)
In the last case, the age is not shown, but people of unknown age are listed at the end.

Important: if you don't wish your name and picture to appear on this page and other pages of this site (Famille Dardel), please advise us without delay (click envelope at bottom left of the page).

François de Dardel