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Association Jehan Dardel

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Article 1: Name, seat, duration

Under the name "Association Jehan Dardel", there is an association under Swiss law. Its seat is in Neuchâtel and its duration is indefinite.
This is a non-profit association.

Article 2: Purpose

The Association aims at developing links between the descendants of Jehan Dardel, miller, who operated the mills of Saint-Blaise according to a concession granted to him in 1513.

Article 3: Activities

The Association keeps the family culture and maintains the genealogy of Jehan Dardel.

It supports research related to the family history and collects all bibliographic or pictorial information.

It aims at identifying and grouping the archives of the family, filed with one or more official bodies. It identifies the archives that are not grouped.

It provides communication by all appropriate means between members of the family.

It organises meetings of family members.

It encourages all contacts with holders of the surname "Dardel" who are not descendants of Jehan Dardel.

Article 4: Membership

Potential members of the Association:

Article 5: Organs

The organs of the Association are:

  1. the General Meeting
  2. the Committee
  3. the Auditing Body

Article 6: General Meeting, invitation

The General Meeting is convened by the Committee
It sits usually once a year, or when the Committee deems it necessary, or at the request of at least 20 members.

Article 7: General Meeting competencies

The General Meeting appoints the Committee for a period of three years. It controls its activity.
It appoints each year the Auditing Body.
It reaches a decision on the book-closing of the year and gives full discharge to the Committee.
It decides on the principle of members' contributions (dues).
It has sole authority to amend these statutes and to declare the dissolution of the Association.

Article 8: General Meeting decisions

The General Meeting takes its decision by a majority of present or represented members and those having expressed themselves in writing or electronically.

Article 9: Committee, composition, board

The Committee consists of at least three members.
It constitutes itself by designating among its members a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, and possibly a Vice-President, who together constitute the Board of the Committee.

Article 10: Committee, competencies

The Committee has the right and duty to manage the affairs of the Association and to represent it.
It is committed by the joint signatures of two members of the Board.
It exercises all powers not reserved for another organ of the Association.

Article 11: Committee, decisions

The Committee may take decisions by correspondence.

Article 12: Auditing body

The auditing body consists of one member and one alternate.
It checks the annual accounts and submits its report to the General Meeting.

Article 13: Financial

The resources of the Association are:

Article 14: Financial year

The financial year corresponds to the calendar year.
It will close the first time on 31 December 2012.

So adopted by the constituent assembly sitting in Boningal, city of Moissac (France) on 13 November 2011.

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