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Updated 14 Oct 2018


Georges Alexandre
He serves the British Crown as officer in the Regiment de Meuron. He is sent to India in 1798 and remains there about 3 years. Arriving in Madras (today's Chennai), he travels through South India to meet his brother James in Cochin. In 1799, he arrives too late to participate in the battle of Seringapatam. Back in Europe, he spends a few months in Neuchâtel in 1802. He is promoted to the grade of captain in England. He is sent to Sweden by the English to recruit new troops in Swedish Pomerania. He becomes deaf, and gets pensioned with half-pay. In 1808 he marries Sophie Lewenhaupt, widow of the Count von Wachtmeister. He purchases the estate of Hornsund (near Nyköping) destined to his wife's son. He is knighted by King Charles XIII of Sweden in 1810. Confirmation on 20 June 1816 by the King of Prussia, Frederic William III, and on 19 January 1818 in Neuchâtel.

He settles in Saint-Blaise in 1816, takes over his father's vineyards in 1819 and acquires in 1821 the estate of Vignier.

See two letters written from Sweden in 1808 (in French).

Famille Dardel

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