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Nils Dardel



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Short biography

Nils Dardel
Nils Elias Kristofer von Dardel — who signed Nils Dardel — is a post-impressionist Swedish painter. He was born on 25 October 1888 in Bettna (Södermanland, Sweden) and died in New York on 25 May 1943 from a heart attack. His grandfather was the painter and chamberlain of the king of Sweden, Frederick (Fritz) von Dardel.

He studies at the Stockholm Royal Academy of Arts from 1908 to 1910. He moves to Paris in 1910, and remains there most of the time until 1939. In 1940, he leaves for New York via Cuba. While in Paris, he travels to North Africa, Japan, Peru and Mexico.

His life in Paris is hectic and bohemian and dandy-like; he makes friends with a fellow Swede, Rolf de Maré, who is well-off and would later create the Ballets Suédois, and meets with fellow artists in Montmartre and Montparnasse. In 1920, he gets secretly engaged to Nita Wallenberg. He marries Baroness Thora Klinkowström in 1921. She is a Swedish artist living in Paris as well. Modigliani made her portrait in 1918 (see below).

He tries several techniques of fellow painters: cubism (only briefly, see the Senlis "rue de Paris" below), fauvism with pure colours (see the "Black Diana"), surrealism. However, he is basically a figurative painter and produces numerous portraits, and — in the 1920s — burlesque scenes with multiple characters. In later years, he will return to a more traditional realism (see the Mexican women).

In the 1930s, Nils Dardel meets Edita Morris (née Toll in Sweden) and shares his life — at least partially — with her until his death. One of several portraits of Edita is shown below.

Nils Dardel's paintings are shown in various museums in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Oslo and Hamburg. His most famous work, "The Dying Dandy" was sold in 1984 for the sum of 3.4 million Swedish crowns, at the time the highest price paid for a painting by a Swedish artist. The record was broken in October 2012: the painting "Waterfall" was just sold for 25 million crowns (2.9 M€ or 3.7 M$). See both works below.


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Man's portrait

Boy's head

Farm girl

Portrait of boy


Girl in blue

My father

Philip Fromén

Elsa von Dardel

Svea Cervin

Two girls

Male model

Self-portrait 1911

Self-portrait 1911

Street in Senlis

Unknown title

Iron ball

Street in Senlis

Tobacco shop

Einar Jolin

Alfred Flechtheim

Red mill

Jacques Hébertot

Cattle herder

A lady

Rolf de Maré

David and Goliath

Tourists in Teneriffa

In the trench

Nita Wallenberg

Broken statue


David Sprengel




Jean Börlin

Black and white

Boy and girl

Without pardon

Ellen Roosvald

The father

Russian girl

Venus and Cupid

Dance with Death

Crime passionnel

Excentric lady

Aina Stuart

Dancing floor



Self-portrait 1923

Thora Dardel


A sitting man

Hjalmar Bergman


Bronia Perlmutter



Eva Bonnier

African girl

Armenian girl

Young girl


Tollie Zellman


A heart in flames


Wedding trip

The angler



Two young ladies

Turkish man

Self-portrait 1935

Edita Morris


Mexican girl

Cissi Olsson

The fortune teller

A lady

No title

Conrad Pineus

Martin Aronowitsch

Mexican boy

Mexican girl

Mexican woman

A murderer

Mexican girl

Mexican girl with boy

Mexican boy

Mexican man

Mexican girl

Mexican lady




Funeral in Senlis

Street in Paris

Hotel in Rättvik

Salvation Army

Atlantic harbour

The dying dandy 1

The dying dandy 2

Japanese dandies



Summer Sunday

Death hussars

Mid summer night

The bar



Family idyll

Columbus' egg

Black Diana

Ole Lukøje

Mexican steinbock

Black Diana

Irish girl



Death servants


Ingrid von Dardel


Nils Dardel
by Ivan Constantin

Nils Dardel
by Marie Laurencin

Thora Dardel
by Modigliani

A work by
Ingrid von Dardel

130 works shown here.


Nils Dardel

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