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12 July 2023

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Armoiries Dardel

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The Dardel Family

The Dardels originate from the picturesque shores of the lake of Neuchâtel, in Switzerland. As early as in the 14th century, a Dardel is mentioned in the village of Villiers, in the Val de Ruz. Jehan Dardel, a miller from this village is granted in 1513 the exploitations of mills in Saint-Blaise, on the shore of the lake. The first Dardels are thus millers, but from the 1700's they are found in many trades, as officers (serving foreign armies), judges, surgeons, ministers of the (protestant) church.

The historical map on the right shows the churches of Canton Neuchâtel that were built before the Reform. Almost all places on the map have seen the birth or the marriage of a Dardel family member. Saint-Blaise is at the North of the Lake Neuchâtel, and Villiers is shown in red. Jehan Dardel the miller came down from Villiers in 1513 to settle in Saint-Blaise. In the first generations of his descendants (see genealogy), most of the individuals originate from one or the other of these villages or towns.

La Suisse et la Suède
Three centuries later, in 1810, one of them, Georges-Alexandre Dardel, an officer serving the English King, is sent to Northern Europe to recruit more troops and falls in love with a Swedish countess. He is knighted by the King of Sweden and obtains the right to add to his name a nobiliary particle, either the Germanic "von Dardel" or the French "de Dardel", as he fancies. He returns to Switzerland in 1816, but his daughter Augusta and his son Fredrick establish themselves in Sweden in the 1840s and found the "Swedish branch" of the family.

See also the text published on the web site of the Riddarhuset, the "House of Swedish Nobility", with pictures of the knighting act, together with its text in Swedish.

Members of the Dardel family have emigrated to France as early as in the 18th Century. However, most of the French Dardels settled in France about 100 years ago, or more recently. We also have cousins in Chile, Australia and many other countries, and hope to discover other "exotic" Dardels.

BouteilleSeveral Dardels, living in a country of vineyards, established themselves as winegrowers, not only in Saint-Blaise, but also in Australia.

Other Dardels originate from Savoy, an Alpine province between France and Italy, and from other provinces of France. It was however not possible until today to establish a link between them and our own family.


Our cousin Jean-Paul Dardel, who lived in Hendaye (South West of France, close to the Spanish border), has established a huge family tree, starting with our common ancestor the miller Jean Dardel. You have seen it exhibited at the reunion. Jean-Paul has also published (in French) a book on our family, incorporating the vast genealogical information he has gathered over several years. It contains many details and attached documents. The book was updated in March 2003. See details (in French).

Separately, François de Dardel, who lives in Paris, has transferred this genealogy on his computer and posted it in this site. The complete genealogy, starting with Jehan the miller, is now available on this site. Just click on the above link. There are now 18'000 web pages and over 750 pictures covering 5760 persons in the on line data base, including 18 generations of Dardels, waiting for you to check... and to report missing or incorrect data to us. The sheets of several ancestors have now biographic notes (in French, though).

Nils DardelAmong these descendants, you will find a Swedish painter, famous in his country: Nils Dardel (1888 - 1943). I have prepared for you a gallery of his works.

Association Jehan Dardel

AJD logoWe have founded a family association in November 2011 open to all descendants of Jehan Dardel the miller (~1470~1540). Click the small image.

Coats of arms

See another page with more than five hundred coats of arms of the Dardels and allied families.

Huguenin Dardel
A. 1457
B. 1649
Henry Louis Dardel
C. 1721
Jean Jacques Dardel
D. 1721
Jean Pierre Dardel
E. 1742
Georges Alexandre Dardel
F. 1810
Auguste Dardel 1887
G. ~1860
A. Huguenin Dardel The brothers Pierre and Jehan Dardel (not mentioned in the genealogy database by lack of precise information) received from Jehan d'Aarberg, Lord of Valangin, the properties of Jehannin de Saules. They settle in Saules in the Val-de-Ruz. They are attested in 1457.
B. Marie Dardel Branch of Blaise Dardel-dit-Munier. Marie was the wife Élie Bugnot. The central piece of the coat of arms is a mill wheel. The coat of arms is engraved on a stone in La Neuveville, near Neuchâtel, together with that of Bugnot.
C. Henry Louis Dardel Branch of Huguenin. Henry Louis was received at the "Noble Compagnie des Mousquetaires", a shooting association created in Neuchâtel the 15th Century. This coat of arms includes the "anille" (mace), an essential part of the mill mechanism.
D. Jean-Jacques Dardel Branch of Nicolet. He married Judith Prince-dit-Clottu. Coat of arms on a tiled stove, dated 1721.
E. Jean-Pierre Dardel Not clearly identified, but certainly from the Nicolet branch. This Jean-Pierre was admitted at the Noble Compagnie des Mousquetaires in 1742. These arms are also those of Jean-Pierre d'Ardel in 1798. The latter is possibly the (illegitimate) son of the musketeer, but then the father would have been only 16 ans at the time of his admission...
E. Georges Alexandre de Dardel Nicolet branch. Knighted by the King of Sweden in 1810. The coat of arms of his father, Pastor David Dardel, is similar.
G. David Dardel Nicolet branch. He combines his coat of arms with those of the Dardel-dit-Pierron, adding a fleur-de-lys at its base.

Blason Dardel AarbergThe coat of arms on the left comes from a stained glass window in the first floor of the city hall of Aarberg (BE), where it is shown with about 30 other arms of the city's families. It looks however a little strange to me, as the fleur-de-lys on azure is usually the mark of the French royal family of Bourbon...

I do not know the date of the stained window, but in spite of its mediaeval style it could well have been made in the 19th or 20th century. Several Dardels were born in Aarberg after 1900 according to our genealogy database.

This information should thus be verified.

Blason Bugnot-DardelThe arms on the right, engraved above a door in Saint-Blaise, are according to Olivier Clottu those of Élie Bugnot and of his wife Dardel (see picture B. 1649 above). The Bugnot coat of arms is shown in colour on the page "Armorial".

Silver flaskThe picture on the left is a silver flask with Dardel coat of arms (model C above) dating from approximately 1725. I found it in the "Armorial Neuchâtelois". Click the picture to see the entire flask. Blason Jean-Pierre

Finally this last coat of arms with the lancet of his trade is that of Jean-Pierre Dardel, surgeon (still according to Clottu).

The music you are hearing if you have clicked the icon at the top of this page is "Farewell", a piece for lute by John Dowland (1562 - 1626).

Famille Dardel

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