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24 Jan 2019

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The 1999 Reunion

Here more about the reunion:

A first family reunion was organised by Philippe Dardel in August, 1995, in his property of Moissac, in the South-West of France. About one hundred Dardels and their cousins attended this memorable event. Some of them were thirteenths cousins... Switzerland was a principal subject of conversation. The reunion was such a success that it was decided to organise a new reunion in the homeland of our ancestors.

This event took place on 31st July and 1st August 1999 in Marin-Epagnier, near Saint-Blaise. Over 400 persons (all from the Dardel or allied families) participated.

Banquet What ?
A few pictures of the event (click on the banquet).

The News What else ?
The local Press about this event (French only).

Lac Where ?
In Saint-Blaise, canton Neuchâtel, in Switzerland.
In view of the expected number of family members, the reunion, initially scheduled to take place in Voëns, has been organised at the Espace Perrier, in Marin-Epagnier, a village next to Saint-Blaise (right of it on the map)

Click here for a few old and new pictures of Saint-Blaise, as well as maps to help you locate the village. A virtual visit of Neuchâtel is also offered.

Crowd Who ?
All descendants of Jean Dardel the miller. If you are a Dardel, or your mother or grandmother was a Dardel, take contact with us.

On 19 May 1999, more than 400 participants had returned their written registration, from

  • Switzerland (165 + 19*)
  • France (127 + 8*)
  • Sweden (62 + 2*)
  • Belgium (6)
  • Germany (6)
  • Norway (4)
  • Australia (4)
  • China (3)
  • Netherlands (3)
  • England (1)
* The numbers followed by an asterisk represent children up to the age of six.

Wappen Organisation
The initiative of the reunion was taken by Amiod de Dardel, from Neuchâtel.

Amiod has left this world on 13 March 2013. We will all miss his enthusiasm and energy.

Many other persons were involved in the organisation of the reunion.

Note: the small picture on the left is the crest of arms of Saint-Blaise (the village).

Dardel A few words on the Dardel family

Click here for a brief summary.
A book on the Dardel family has been published (in French) by Jean-Paul Dardel. This book has been updated in 2004 and is available at the price is EUR 46 (SFR 80) plus postage.
The complete genealogy(17 generations of Dardels) is also available (updated permanently, with your help).

Book Address Book

The e-mail addresses of our cousins. Do keep contact with them. And for all of those who are not yet on the list, it is never too late...

The Address book has been removed for security and confidentiality reasons in 2012.

See also the half-millennium celebration (2013)
In August 2013, we have celebrated in August 2013 the 500th anniversary of the concessions granted in 1513 to the miller Jehan Dardel, our ancestor, for the mills of Saint-Blaise. Many pictures are available, including small portraits of the participants.

The corresponding pages require an ID and a password to protect the identity of our cousins. If you don't have it yet, we can send you the passwprd by e-mail.

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